Published Work:
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You can also find occasional writing in the Ruminations section, which sounds so much better than blog. >>> Ruminations

Interviews and Profiles

It's immensely satisfying to interview big thinkers and to write profiles on innovative entrepreneurs, policy makers and others. Among many other interesting people, I've had the opportunity to speak with environmental heavyweights such as Bill McKibben and Richard Louv, Pulitzer-prize-winning science writer and New York Times contributor Elizabeth Kolbert; and environmental justice scholar Dr. Robert Bullard.  >>> Interviews and Profiles

Cultural Criticism

As the former editor-in-chief of Grid, a monthly urban sustainability and culture magazine in Philadelphia, my editor's notes each month spanned from cultural criticism to personal essays. I always have the same goal: find a way to engage readers and give them a framework for reading that issue while reflecting on a big topic. Politics, the psychology of belief, structural inequality, artificial intelligence, civil disobedience, and sustainability are just some of the topics I've touched on.   >>> Editor's Notes

Features and Articles

Cover stories on controversial topics such as nuclear power or the ethics of vegetarianism, short pieces on local theatre and community meetings---and everything in between.  >>> Features and Articles

Always available for freelance assignments and editing projects. My full work history is available on my LinkedIn page below.