Current Projects

Red Pen Arts, LLC is a consultancy that offers strategy, operational support, event planning, and editorial services. We specialize in support for creatives, social entrepreneurs, and the arts and culture community. If you need help with nonprofit strategy, small business planning or development, event production, writing, editing, or promotion, we'd love to talk with you about your project. Here's some of what we’re already creating in collaboration with others.


Root Quarterly

In the fall of 2018, we'll be launching Root Quarterly, a journal of art and ideas based in Philadelphia. If you'd like more information when it's available, make sure you sign up on the mailing list, or get your subscription now!


Fencing Club

I'm working with Shakamaxon Fencing club in South Philadelphia on business strategy and operational support. I'm also learning to fence. Come train with me?


Little Red Records / 
Sweetbriar Rose

Sweetbriar Rose is an award-winning folk noir band that plays frequently at regional festivals, events, and clubs. If you’re looking for original music for your event, let us know how we can help.


The Erotic Literary Salon

On the third Tuesday of every month, you can step into a sanctuary for verbal expression in the upstairs lounge at Time in Center City Philadelphia. Founded by sexologist Dr. Susana Mayer, each evening consists of an open-discussion adult sex-ed hour, and then open readings of fiction, poetry, memoir and more. I'm now a co-producer and guest host for the salon, and my partner Walter is a fixture of its education session each month. All are welcome into this space, which is a home for wayward literary works that don't have a place with traditional venues or publishers. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy good conversation, company and a chance to read or listen, then head downstairs for the city's best jazz open mike.

Deb Photo.jpeg
I have found time with Heather to be invaluable. Her ability to take the raw data of my journey in music and convert it into something that breathes life and gives my audience a sense of my work has been priceless. She also brings years of hard work and wisdom in a variety of disciplines/arts and works to find a strategy with me that can be broken down into manageable lists and task,s meaning I get things done toward my next goals as an artist. This allows me to play my part in this world more freely and do what I do well. For someone like me who likes to have a lot of space, write songs, and stare at the moon, this kind of grounding is worth every penny.
— Deb Montgomery